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Marie Stuart, a multi-faceted woman

Mary Stuart, a fascinating and mysterious historical character, is one of the most incredible key figures of the Renaissance.  This extraordinary woman, considered by her contemporaries as the most beautiful in Europe, is the very incarnation of women in all of their complexity, subtlety and uniqueness.

  She was at once Queen of Scotland and Queen of France, having married Francis II and rival of Elizabeth I of England.  The story of this sovereign, her passionate, romantic, sensual character as well as her faith, courage, weaknesses and greatness, have continued to inspire artists, writers and poets of all eras.

Deeply attached to the Champagne region following her stay with her aunt, the Abbess Renée de Lorraine, at the Abbaye de Saint-Pierre-les-Dames in Reims, she won over the hearts of Champagne.  The Rue du Levant in Reims was renamed Rue Marie Stuart in her honour.

Sparkling, brilliant, noble and attractive, Marie Stuart’s personality is everything of the champagne magic, hence why our company has chosen this many-faceted queen as its emblem.